Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vista Revisited

Well some of you may have noticed that I've been complaining a lot lately. It's not my fault. I'm typing this with a gun aimed at my head. He told me to.

And to further the tradition I'd like to gripe about Vista some more. Vista is like that kid in school that everyone loved to pick on because that kid smelled like a 5 day old fart dipped in vinegar. And when this kid was informed that he smelled as such he would try to kick you. So all the other children decided to mutually hate this kid.

Either it's me, my wife (which I doubt) or the ghost that lives in my office that has decided to delete the calculator tool on my computer. It can only be us three because it could never be Vista. Noooo, not our friendly bag-o-fart friend Vista.

Another little thing (actually not little because it has a huge impact on how I work) that Fista doesn't do is arrange my files by file type. I have a huge amount of different files in folders that are arranged according to program or project and now I have to sift through all the files in that folder to find what I'm looking for instead of narrowing it down to types. Great!

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