Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tim Tebow is a Cyborg.

I don't have actual proof or evidence to back this claim. I don't think I need it though because it's obvious. It's either that or he is from another planet where extraterrestrials dressed in blue and orange launch brown oval shaped missles from their arm-guns.

Or maybe he's a cyborg from another planet.

He makes Clint Eastwood look like a 12 year old girl with a bladder problem. He's more powerful then one of those red neck super trucks with a hemi engine. I bet when he gets off the field he goes striaght to the gym and starts throwing 30 pound weights around while juggeling chainsaws and rabid chipmunks. When Tim digests food it turns right into gold before he poops it out. He doesn't pay taxes because there are too many fans that want to pay it for him.

One time, someone was messing around and pulled his finger just to see what would happen. 43 people in a Yugoslavian hospital were cured of all their ailments. He's nothing but amazing wrapped up in testosterone and horsepower.

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  1. Would you believe that in addition to his athletic prowess, he is also a top-notch student. Oh yeah, and he spends his summers as a medical missionary in the Phillipines. He's a most remarkable guy!