Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vista Revisited

Well some of you may have noticed that I've been complaining a lot lately. It's not my fault. I'm typing this with a gun aimed at my head. He told me to.

And to further the tradition I'd like to gripe about Vista some more. Vista is like that kid in school that everyone loved to pick on because that kid smelled like a 5 day old fart dipped in vinegar. And when this kid was informed that he smelled as such he would try to kick you. So all the other children decided to mutually hate this kid.

Either it's me, my wife (which I doubt) or the ghost that lives in my office that has decided to delete the calculator tool on my computer. It can only be us three because it could never be Vista. Noooo, not our friendly bag-o-fart friend Vista.

Another little thing (actually not little because it has a huge impact on how I work) that Fista doesn't do is arrange my files by file type. I have a huge amount of different files in folders that are arranged according to program or project and now I have to sift through all the files in that folder to find what I'm looking for instead of narrowing it down to types. Great!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Me and My Big Mouth

This just in! Jon Gosselin was just seen eating a sandwich! Amazing!!

The plot thickens. 2 days after I announce my disapproval of President Obama’s decision to send more Soldiers and Marines to the Middle East, a foreign national [or government official?] resigns his post in Afghanistan. 2 days after that, the UN building there gets hit by the Taliban. I have a friend over in Kabul and he wasn’t too far from where the attack went down.

It’s all a little too much in one week for me. So now I will turn to a more important topic:

Jon Gosselin is dating a lesbian!

Michael Jackson’s dead corpse raises from the grave to produce a movie! Wooo hoo! I can’t wait to waste 10 bucks on a pedophiling dancer with no nose! Where do I wait for tickets?!? I’m so anxious! Seriously though, who the hell in their right mind . . . oh nevermind. Give him an Oscar next year so we can see more has-beens dance around on stage in his honor. Great. Good. Nice.

UPDATE! Jon just stormed off in the middle of his lesbian date!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Would You Like to Schedule Your Next Torture?

It’s kinda strange that I post my disapproval on Sunday and then read an article like this on Tuesday:|main|dl2|link3|

Looks like Matthew read my post. Didn’t think anyone was actually reading this.

I went to the Dentists’ office on Monday. Boooooo! I have nothing against Dentists them selves or the people that work with them. I think they’re all stand up people. In fact I make it a point to be extra nice to these people. Why? Well because they must get a lot of flack through out the day. Also, if I’m really nice, maybe the person thrusting an ice pick into my face might be a little gentle.

No such luck.

I really honestly think this guy was pissed about some mortgage check or something and decided he wanted to carve his initials into my mouth.

Just sayin.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Post is for the Birds

The Falcons gave up today whilst playing the Cowboys. I've had days when I give up too. Sometimes, when running up and down the field in tights I get upset about how much money I'm making. I think to myself, "Maybe my 6 figure paycheck isn't enough."

Ok, I'm done crying about the Falcons. I'll be there in December to watch them take out the Eagles.

I heard a little rumor about the White Houses position towards Fox News. Personally I like to get my news from a real straight shooter: Steven Colbert. I'm not sure about all the "facts" Fox presents. It usually sounds like opinions and guesses, but the same can be said by a lot of network news stations these days.

Would it be great if Obama shut these idiots up? I'm not so sure. I wouldn't aprove of that even though it would give some sort of pleasure. It would give me a sick feeling in my stomach. The same feeling I got from reading 1984. How does our government have any say in what a media company does? I don't watch the damn channel so it wouldn't directly effect me.

But what about the the masses that actually believe Fox is "fair and balanced?" Well they'll throw another tea baggin party or something. And since I'm on the rant against what Obama is up to I'd like to add a "WTF" award to him. C'mon man, I voted for you because I wanted our troops out in 9 months. That's what you said. I didn't buy it bacause you're a politician and that's just the way it goes. But I guess I got my hopes up.

So we reduce our presence in Iraq and divide our strength there by sending more Marines and Soldiers to Afghanistan. 17 thousand. Thanks for letting me down Mr. President.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Morning

What a day. It started at 5:30 am with my son who was upset about something. I took a shower and got online. When 6:30 rolled around I took off to Firestone. First in line!! 25 minute oil change.

Got back home to take a nap and then it was photo shoot time with Ryan and Robin. Ryan did great and I have some really good shots of him. Then he pee'd on the overthrow that we just bought at the fabric store. Grrrrrrr! But the photos are something else.

In fact they are so good that Robin put them under lock and key and might end up being Christmas gifts. I burned out a bulb during the shoot so I had to go out and get one. I got the wrong bulb. Apparently I need to go get a real bulb from a camera shop or online or something. The crap in the store is only tungsten.

My mother in law arrived and we went for a drive through the country and I got some more good shots. Interesting sunset turned up and I have that also. Then as soon as we got home I cooked sirloin filet with flavored rice and broccoli. I also threw in bearnaise sauce for the veggies and the steak. It was great and I enjoyed wine with it!!

Ryan did not want to go to sleep tonight. It's hard to sleep when you are as cute as he is.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tim Tebow is a Cyborg.

I don't have actual proof or evidence to back this claim. I don't think I need it though because it's obvious. It's either that or he is from another planet where extraterrestrials dressed in blue and orange launch brown oval shaped missles from their arm-guns.

Or maybe he's a cyborg from another planet.

He makes Clint Eastwood look like a 12 year old girl with a bladder problem. He's more powerful then one of those red neck super trucks with a hemi engine. I bet when he gets off the field he goes striaght to the gym and starts throwing 30 pound weights around while juggeling chainsaws and rabid chipmunks. When Tim digests food it turns right into gold before he poops it out. He doesn't pay taxes because there are too many fans that want to pay it for him.

One time, someone was messing around and pulled his finger just to see what would happen. 43 people in a Yugoslavian hospital were cured of all their ailments. He's nothing but amazing wrapped up in testosterone and horsepower.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!!

Sorry for the strange headline. I just love that line. Sometimes I scream it in my head over and over.

Ok. So I do have some thing mean and nasty to say. But I will write nice stuff all around it to try to avert you from reality. First I would like to give another congratulations to Kayson's Bar and Grille for another excellent dinner. I had a cheese steak, which I know: it's not cuisine, and it tasted perfect. I got to watch "good" tv for once [foreshadowing] and helped my son bust some moves to the music.


Another positive tip I'd like to shoot out there is McCormick's Grill Mates seasoning is awesome. If you're a purest and love to mix your own seasonings (Italian dressing doesn't count) then I applaud you. For the rest of us though, I have to mention this product. It turned my chicken in to something I would have ordered at Carrabba's. I actually have a funny story about a mysterious missing chicken from Carrabba's. Ask me about it sometime.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weed Shart

Nonsense! You could call this a review. But it’s so heinous that it has mutated into nonsense and I’m pretty put out by the whole situation. At the beginning of the summer this year I put down a product which I think is called Weed Guard. I’m not exactly sure but I did buy it at Home Depot.

I removed all the old mulch with a shovel and bought new mulch. After removing the old mulch I layered the Weed Guard perfectly to cover everything in the garden. Everything. I didn’t miss a speck. I nailed all of the layers down with green plastic pegs. Most of those broke. When I was finished and laid down the new mulch I was happy.

The happiness left after a month when grass was growing up from underneath the damn stuff. Weeds were also joining in the fun. Next summer I will have to pull up all of that $#!@ and find another solution. Maybe pine needles will work. A lot of folks here in Georgia are using it and it seems to work. So if it is a review, Weed Guard gets a big zero out of ten. I hope their business fails like my money and time failed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Flash Links

If there are any Flash designers out there actually reading this nonsense, I wanted to post some links to useful information. And by “designers” I’m referring to Web designers and programmers that use ActionScript or Flash.
He comes first because he wrote the book on ActionScript. He didn’t create it but his manuals and extensive knowledge of the topic is unmatched.
This is a new find and I’m very happy with it so far. Full tutorials and a very nice smooth page design. More geared towards Flash as a whole but goes into depths like PHP & Flash, XML & Flash, etc.
This site used to be good. Now it is over run with about 60% advertising. It works as a forum based tutorial system. Users post their .fla files for downloading and have a sample .swf on their page. However, finding a good tutorial is rare. It bares posting simply because it helped me out a few times and maybe that might help you.
I can not sing this site’s praise enough. It is the ultimate in video tutorials for Flash. But there are other tutorials as well if you need help with Photoshop, Java, Video, etc.
This is Adobe’s posting of Macromedia’s ActionScript Dictionary. Kind of funny they didn’t take down the name. If you have any experience trying to navigate the maze that is you’ll know why this site is lacking.
Good site but you have to dig to find the free tutorials.
Last but not least it’s the w3! It’s helpful to an extent. A lot of other good information though, especially if you need help with CSS, HTML or any of the other things they have on there.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MUSE and Some Other Band in Atlanta!

I went to the U2/MUSE concert last night. Or should I say “MUSE/U2?” Yeah, that’s right, I said it. MUSE was better than U2 last night at the Georgia Dome and there were at least 3 people there at the show that agree with me. Two of those people were British and we talked on the MARTA rail system.

I was so pumped when they played Our Time Is Running Out. My head like spun around at least 7 times I was so excited. Well after 45 minutes they were done. I was upset they didn’t play more and then there was like an hour wait for U2. I’m not saying I was disappointed with U2 or anything, I just don’t think they measure up to MUSE.

Overall I had a blast!

After the show we had to break all of the speeding limits across Northern Atlanta to get to the baby sitters house. My wife can drive like a drunken banshee on fire. That may be a little too descriptive but she made me proud. 60 in a 35 zone? Yeah, you're impressed too.

Let me just go on the record and say that MARTA is dirty. I was farted on like 5 times. Next time we will sit in our car through traffic like God intended. Another thing about MARTA is I can't shake the "This Is Sparta!" techno YouTube clip. I wanted to scream "THIS IS MARTA!!!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bullet the Blue Sky!

Ok, this is big. THIS IS HUGE! My wife found U2 tickets. I don’t know how she did it and I don’t care to inquire who she had to beat up to get them. All I care about is that I’m getting on the MARTA and heading to the G-Dome and I’ll be seeing MUSE in concert!! Woooo hooo! U2 is ok too.

Ok, so in appreciation for my wife I do solemnly swear to take out the trash for the next 5 months. I’ll also cut the grass for the next year. All by myself.

This is totally crazy. My head is going to spin right off. First I land tickets to the Eagles-Falcons game, then I re-connect with Justin and now I might be going to see MUSE and U2 in concert. What a week.

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Old Friend

I haven't seen Justin Powell since 1996. It's been way too long since I've talked to him and I'm really anxious to see him again. Justin is that friend you could always talk to about anything. I recently found him on Facebook. After high school I messed around at Seminole Community College before shipping off to the Marines. After that I lost touch with every one I know except Gloria and my Family.

Justin just got married too. I’m kinda ticked off at myself for not trying to reach him earlier than this. He’s doing well in North Carolina and I think his brother Jeremy lives there too. He’s in a band called Vertigo Jazz Project and I’d like to go see him play. The band is really good and if you’re in Jazz I recommend it.

I’m trying to go see his show on this Saturday but I have to contend with my wife’s plan to go see FAME. Quite a debacle.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Need Sleep

Too tired to write anything worth reading.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Blogs for You!

So today I woke up super early and started working on a brochure. Too bad I put the wrong text in the layout. But the graphics look sharp and I'm happy with it. I would like to put it up but my Website is having issues. I can't log onto the server via FTP and I'm concerned. Grumble!

After messing around with that it was off to the crafts festival. I didn't want to do any girlie shopping, I was just there to show off Ryan in his jeans and brown shoes. We managed to fail at getting his shot with some pumpkins and hay at the craft festival so we drove 2 hours to Amicalola and tried again. Success!

After that I was tired and tired leads to grumpy. So we headed home and Robin was a good wife and bought me a RaceTrac slushy. Their orange cream really tastes like an orange cream popsickle. It's wonderful!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Sorry, My Pants Must Have Fallen Off

Wow! A bombshell was dropped by David Letterman last night. It’s weird because I love his comedy even though I know he’s a creep. There’s always a rumor about how he yells at people like Martha Stewart off camera. Then there’s the fact he had a girlfriend with a kid and he can’t even marry her.

Well it now makes sense why he didn’t want to marry her. It’s because he flushed his morals down a toilet and decided to cheat on his girlfriend. Nice. That’s real classy. It’s guys like David, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards who make all men out to be mindless perverts. All these men who have apologized because they can’t keep their pants on could have avoided their situations HAD THEY DONE WHAT THEY VOWED TO DO WHEN THEY GOT MARRIED!

Be faithful.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

All Work and No Play

I didn't have anything on the mind today so I figure I'll talk shop!

My company went public yesterday. Wooo hoo! It's now trading on the market. In preparation for all this I've been slaving away at the site like a crazy man bent on the edge of collapse. Well, it's finished and you can click that link and you can view the site. It's almost identical to the site that was up before. However, it is mostly HTML, CSS and a little bit of Flash.

There was a need for new content on the site, but before we could realize that, I had to come up with 3 new concepts for the site as a whole. I made fully functional navigation systems along with all the pages that would have gone into the site 3 times. It was a lot of work.

I'm a little frustrated that it looks like the old site. Considering I liked the second concept and that my voice didn't bring a lot of clout, I am a little down about the site as a whole. I can say that I was able to salvage the designs that were intended for the company and I can do something with them on the side.

Never throw out a good idea. Just hide it somewhere I guess. I'm researching how to create an RSS feed for the company. They might thank me later, or maybe not.