Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Shoot

I had a photo shoot at a local spot here in Woodstock. It was fun and I enjoyed myself in 34 degrees. I could see the people I worked with were cold and perhaps they even lost their patience but they were troopers every one of them. I went to the shoot with some ideas in mind but I first let the client do what he wanted to do. At the end I had the photos on the laptop and I was showing the client his group shots.

That might have been a mistake. But I learned from it. I will have to be more careful about showing off work before it is done. The problem is I get excited about what I do and I love working with art. It’s exciting to me because there is so much more that can be done with art than could be done 20 years ago. I remember what I was doing with a computer 20 years ago. It was an Apple IIc. I can remember putting the floppy disks in the drive and thinking, “computers are so damn cool!”

Here’s a shot that might bring back memories for all you peoples out there not reading this blog = ]

Back to the photography. I’m happy to report that I was able to edit everything and have it back to the customer in 2 days. It was on a customized/printed disk with matching sleeve for the CD case. I had a lot of fun photoshopping one of the employees and a corporate icon together. It gave me flash backs of working with Disney! This week I might meet back up with the customer to take photos at a high school at a basketball game. Round and round I go.

Maybe if I’m motivated I will post some of them on my FLICKR site sometime this week…

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please Remain Calm

If you believe in UFOs and you live in Norway, your greatest moment just happened. As you walked out the front door of your igloo and looked up into the sky before mounting your snow-mobile you would have noticed something different. Just slightly different.

Considering the ship was cloaked, Oslo the Norwegian fisherman, was only able to see the tractor beam/ray/light (or “what-have-you”). Instead of boarding the S.S. Sminskster that morning, Oslo immediately went back inside his house to call his friends Oggle, Fuggfort and Dergle. And panic would soon follow.

This is pure nonsense at it’s best. No one is going to believe the BS our government is putting out. “A failed Soviet missle?” Are you serious? Come on! I’m not just going to just sit back while Dergle and Oslo get probed by the very same “beings” that are responsible for Mad Cow Disease.*

We, as Americans, need to be ready. We need to regroup and focus on what is important. We need to keep a level head and be responsible here.

We need to stockpile weapons.

Usually I would go out and buy an assault riffle or an automatic shotgun during these situations. However, I don’t believe it will help us if these “beings” decide to use a death ray or proton torpedos. Nah, I think I’ll be purchasing a hellfire missle with a guidance system and a whole bunch of concrete mix for my new bunker. If I had the money, which I don’t, I would also invest in a helicopter. I don’t know how to fly one nor do I think I really need one, but it sure would be cool.

Bragging rights in the neighborhood: I would just park it in my driveway. No more comments from the H.O.A. They would poop [censored for your protection] themselves something fierce if they knew who they were messing with. I’m imagining myself now talking to a reporter:


“Yeah, I knew this was going to go down. I have a hard time believing a government that allows cable television the right to air shows like “American Idol” and “Little House on the Prairie.” My wife is with her folks up in the hills. She’ll be safe during the war. How does my hair look?”


“Sir, I can’t use that statement because of our sponsors. Did you see the space ship before launching your AGM-114? And where did you learn how to operate this equipment?”


“Damn your sponsors ma’m. We’re at war with aliens that want to hide stuff in our orifices and all you can think about is Clay Aiken?” WTF? Anyways, the missle ain’t hard to fire, I’ve practiced a few on Cuba.”

“What’s with the helicopter?”

“Sexy, ain’t it?”

*This comment needs support. I'm trying to hint at cows being abducted by aliens. If this does not make sense [title of blog] please watch old episodes of South Park until you get the humor. That is all.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Battle of the Birds

Wow, what a game. I just came from a game I won’t forget for a long time. It is easily the most interesting game I’ve ever attended. Not for the game factor but for everything that revolves around the actual NFL game itself. I don’t get to see many games but my dad and I have attended quite a few over the years. Each time we test security with hidden food. My dad got French fries into the Georgia Dome this time.

The game wasn’t supposed to be won by the Falcons in the first place. The Eagles had a better team and Atlanta has a lot of second string players on the field. That’s not the interesting part. What amazed me was the venders selling Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick jerseys outside of the stadium. That was strange considering he now plays for Philadelphia. He was booed when he took the field and there was also cheering. But as the Eagles continued to pound the Falcons, the fans started to the leave. They cried before they left but they left all the same.

It was rough. Now that I’m a Falcon fan, I have a hard time seeing my team being lambasted like that. But it is even worse with the politics of Vick and the fans loosing heart. I felt like a passenger on the Titanic. All in all I enjoyed the game and I’m really glad I could take my dad.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Commader in Briefs

Well I don’t know where to start with President Obama’s speech. I will say with confidence that I have mixed emotions. I’m not totally sold on Afghanistan. What will we accomplish there? What will be the end results if we do restore their country? What will be the ultimate cost? Who will Tiger Woods sleep with next?

I’m sorry. That was rude.

I would like to apologize to my family for that last joke. It was a transgression. The media is to blame for my behavior but I have let down my fans. I am so truly sorry and I apologize not only to my wife but also my son and the neighbor’s cat for my childish and selfish acts of stupidity.

I bet he feels like a big dumb chubby kid, caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I saw 2012 over the Thanksgiving break whilst avoiding traffic horrors. The typical main character tried to avoid being killed by disasters caused by the end of the world. This movie relies on heavy special effects. I, however, rely on chocolate.