Sunday, December 6, 2009

Battle of the Birds

Wow, what a game. I just came from a game I won’t forget for a long time. It is easily the most interesting game I’ve ever attended. Not for the game factor but for everything that revolves around the actual NFL game itself. I don’t get to see many games but my dad and I have attended quite a few over the years. Each time we test security with hidden food. My dad got French fries into the Georgia Dome this time.

The game wasn’t supposed to be won by the Falcons in the first place. The Eagles had a better team and Atlanta has a lot of second string players on the field. That’s not the interesting part. What amazed me was the venders selling Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick jerseys outside of the stadium. That was strange considering he now plays for Philadelphia. He was booed when he took the field and there was also cheering. But as the Eagles continued to pound the Falcons, the fans started to the leave. They cried before they left but they left all the same.

It was rough. Now that I’m a Falcon fan, I have a hard time seeing my team being lambasted like that. But it is even worse with the politics of Vick and the fans loosing heart. I felt like a passenger on the Titanic. All in all I enjoyed the game and I’m really glad I could take my dad.

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