Friday, August 27, 2010


What the hell is going on?

I totally got this off the internet.
Don't sue.
There are monkeys - illegal monkeys - trying to cross our boarders and take the jobs of hard working U.S. monkeys! How about we change that law that's up for debate Mr. Obama and include the interrogation of monkeys.


And while that is happening, this is happening. It's happening all over the place! You better watch out or you'll get some 'happen on you! (said with a southern accent)

I haven't posted in a while because my brain is still trying to comprehend some of this stuff. It's amazing. Keagan got in. Good for her. I hope those old dirty men can keep their filthy hands off her so she can do her job. Maybe there might be a supreme court calendar in the making. I wish. But who goes around declaring themselves "supreme." Kinda inflated if you ask me.

Pakistan (sorry if I didn't pronounce it right) is flooding. Someone call a plumber.

At least that oil thing is all done. Sheesh! What ever, the gulf was dirty long before BP burst a hemorrhoid 4 billion miles below the surface. And now there are eggs being recalled.

What the hell people? Who's running this donkey race? I think it's about time to forget about fixing stuff and just start blaming people. I will start with Sarah Peterson in Sandusky, Ohio. Yeah, you know damn well what you did. I hope you're proud of yourself. Thanks a lot! I hope a giant octopus falls on your head when you go to pee in a public restroom. Lets see you talk your way out of that.

Some good news. I was right! HA! I knew it! Rod Blagogo-manwhich was innocent! I told you! Please refer to older posts. He's totally off the hook. 1 out of 24 charges. And it was lying to the feds. Big deal! Everyone lies to the feds. The feds lie to us. It's the circle of lies *que lying king music. It's good to see Rod get off. He just looks like a stand up guy. The sort of guy you want to talk to in a bar. The sort of 'dude' you can trust with your money. The sort of guy you want in the bathroom stall next to you when your "restless leg syndrome" starts going off because you know he won't turn on you or flip out and tell the cops.