Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekend: Here I Come!

It's only Wednesday and I'm ready for Friday. It's 5 am and I'll be getting ready for work soon but I wanted to jump online to say I'll be out this Saturday. Anyone interested in seeing TRON with me, email me at:

Again, I'm in Atlanta, so if you're in Juno, this isn't going to work. It's going to be a late night showing too so anyone that's interested: email me.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes I like to cook. Sometimes I like to write. Sometimes I take pictures. I am a photographer and one of the most important rules of photography is: Always have your camera. You really can't be a photographer without it. And sometimes I take pictures of strange people. You may recall my earlier post where I shot some dude at a rest stop on the highway who was wearing plaid shorts and scarf with short sleeves and sandals.

Why do I do these things? I could give you an explanation that involves public forums and photography rights but that's all stupid. I do this because it is thrilling to capture nonsense at it's best. For instance, lets say I'm driving around the parking lot of Target and I happen to come across a lady who not only rocks a leopard fur coat, but also pimps out her dog in the same attire.


Damn straight I'm gonna take you picture. If you decide to wear an elephant print sweater and hot pink pants or something along those lines, I'll be waiting. I will lurk and cloak myself in the shadows. I will poise ready to pounce! I will focus and adjust my shutter speed in anticipation for something like this.

And I dedicate it all to you. My readers. My faithful awesome lovely sexy readers.

Have a good week ya'll.

And don't forget your cameras.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mary Elizabeth! She was born this morning to Christy, James and William Holden. We're all very excited and happy for her and look forward to meeting her!

This week, another chapter (more properly, "book") was released in the Chronicles of Narnia by Disney. I really really want to go see it as I'm a huge CS Lewis fan. Apart from that, TRON comes out next week. TRON can not wait for Netflix. I have to see it in theaters and even though money is tight, I plan on splurging on a slushee.

Really tight. Christmas time is always a bust on the wallet. Anyone want to help me take down a liquor store? All in the name of Christmas. Can you imagine little Jimmy or Sally opening a wrapped present to find a bottle of gin?

One of these days there will be a knock on my front door and a dude with a badge will arrest me and take me away because of this blog. An ugly dude with bad breath.

I'm typing this on my Google TV by the way. Just in case I haven't bragged about it enough.

So here's another challenge for all you folks out there that read and want to comment but get nervous or bored by the end of the page or just don't comment for comment's sake. Let me know what you want for Christmas. Please don't tell me you want world peace, instead, be creative: not a beauty contestant.

Have a good week ya'll!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Left My Heart in San Fransisco

Well, where do I start? I got the Christmas lights up. Turkey day is behind us. Things are getting colder in North Atlanta. I’ve been working on my site some more at home but it still needs more attention. My son is so flipping cute my head spins around a little bit from time to time.

I guess I should mention my trip to the hospital. First time ever and it wasn’t too much fun, but then again, is it ever? I had chest pains Sunday night. “Chest pain” is a password for anyone wanting to get into the ER quickly. Tell someone you have that and they’ll be all over you. Actually don’t, it’s not cool.

I got to the hospital at about midnight. Told the peeps what was going on. They, expectantly, looked at me like, “ah, here comes the fat kid.” So immediately I was in robes and some nurse snagged my IV line. Wow, that didn’t feel good. Not to worry my most valued and beloved readers: the drugs were next! No more chest pains. Happy thoughts and a nice lady named Misty shaving my chest. The EKG didn’t go the way she wanted to, so it was fun to have half my chest shaved. 

No worries compadres! I still have half of my chest hair.  : ]

After the EKG fun, a cardio Dr. named Bruno came in and fell apart on me. He looked at me with all the fear he could muster. “Sir, your readings aren’t good and we need to get a better look at what is going on with your heart. We will need to take you to the cath lab and insert a cath into your artery to take X-rays and find the problem. Once we see the blockage, we can determine how severe and if there are multiple blockages we will have to perform open heart surgery.”

“Just sign here.”

Ok, so at that point my jaw is on the floor and 2 other nurses are looking pretty grave, holding needles and I only had 1 question, “Will there be another consultation after the procedure?” Next thing I knew, I was off with Misty and a few new friends to a place with people wearing cool green ninja gear. The “cocktail” they had inserted into my IV line was kicking in and it was party time. Some big guy (I think he worked out) did some more shaving and then it was poky poke time in my crotch while a few women talked about technical doctor stuff.

My everything was exposed to a group of people I hadn’t met before and Dr. Dawn was looking at me as if I had escaped the zoo, the mood was fairly tense and I should “remain still.” Apart from all this happening, I wasn’t embarrassed for some reason. I didn’t feel like the half naked drugged guy on a table at all.
And that was that. They pumped the iodine through my heart, got the x-rays and then I was consulted by another doctor who told me it was a chest infection that got to my heart muscles. Did I mention the drugs? They were good.

So I’m a little off from the normal lately. I’m sorry for the lack of “funny” in this post. But there’s always tomorrow.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow!