Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mary Elizabeth! She was born this morning to Christy, James and William Holden. We're all very excited and happy for her and look forward to meeting her!

This week, another chapter (more properly, "book") was released in the Chronicles of Narnia by Disney. I really really want to go see it as I'm a huge CS Lewis fan. Apart from that, TRON comes out next week. TRON can not wait for Netflix. I have to see it in theaters and even though money is tight, I plan on splurging on a slushee.

Really tight. Christmas time is always a bust on the wallet. Anyone want to help me take down a liquor store? All in the name of Christmas. Can you imagine little Jimmy or Sally opening a wrapped present to find a bottle of gin?

One of these days there will be a knock on my front door and a dude with a badge will arrest me and take me away because of this blog. An ugly dude with bad breath.

I'm typing this on my Google TV by the way. Just in case I haven't bragged about it enough.

So here's another challenge for all you folks out there that read and want to comment but get nervous or bored by the end of the page or just don't comment for comment's sake. Let me know what you want for Christmas. Please don't tell me you want world peace, instead, be creative: not a beauty contestant.

Have a good week ya'll!

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  1. Hmmmm, I want a Tassimo Coffee Maker, new clothes, a day at the spa, and not to commute 75 minutes each way to work!