Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Once Upon a Time at a Rest Stop Far Far Away . . .

I was having a really rough week a few weeks ago. The job was driving me nuts and I was running on empty with no sleep. Robin decided to go to Florida on Friday and that meant driving and trying to stay awake. After a really hard night of driving we got to Leesburg. We had a panhandler ask us for gas money at a rest stop just to make things more interesting. That was scary.

It was very nice to visit with the Holdens even if for only one day. I managed to get a nap in during the afternoon on that Saturday and hang out with my Nephew, William. It's fun to watch him grow up. We played with the frisbee and James cooked some really awesome chicken. Mmmmm! Bar-b-que chicken on a grill! Christy had fun watching Ryan and when Sunday rolled around, it was time to go home.

On the way home things seemed to get better. We stopped at Cracker Barrel but not to eat. Ryan needed a change. So after a new diaper and a bottle it was time to take his picture in a rocking chair. From there we made are way home but had to stop again in South Georgia.

Ahhhhh, South Georgia . . .

At the rest stop we encountered an interesting couple. Unfortunately words can not describe the gentle man so I'm including a picture. His wife had yellow capris and a red polka dot shirt. You may think I'm being a jerk for posting this guy's picture on the 'net but he's the one who went out in public dressed like this....


  1. I hope all the senior citizens in South Georgia do not use the same "stylist" for their clothing options. I don't recall seeing anything quite like this - ever. Love the blog and will keep up with the "Tuckers" often.

  2. Thanks buddy! I love ya Nonni!! Miss all you guys and gals up there.