Sunday, September 27, 2009

Resteraunt Review

2 Establishments deserve a pat on the back from me. First I will comment on Roly Poly, a cute little chain resteraunt that serves wraps, salads, grilled wraps and other items. The location I visited was in Woodstock at Town Lake. It's in a newly developed strip of shops off the side of the highway (575).

9 out of 10! I'm usually critical but the food was soooo good I have to look past the size of the shop. It's nice to get away from the fast food and this was far from the normal greasy junk that is served at the usual places. I was served quickly and out of the place in under 15 minutes. Considering it's fresh food and made "to order" that's rather quick. There weren't any other customers due to the flood weather so that might have sped things up. Over all, I was impressed with the taste. Good job to Roly Poly.

Kayson's Grill is a small chain (6 locations) in Northern Atlanta. It is a well kept grill and bar style resteraunt with flat screens everywhere. The music is lively and the first thing a customer notices after arriving is the cake display. Mmmmmm, cake . . .

10 out of 10! It's not easy to get a perfect score. I've been to 3 different Kayson locations multiple times. I've never left the place feeling hungry, poor or upset with the wait. It's amazing that the 3 locations all operate with a good staff, plenty of entertainment and amazing food. Today I had the Luisianna Penne without the scallions. I had the french onion soup to start. Before I could finish my soup I had my food in front of me. That's quick. And if that's not good enough, I was watching the Falcons on big screen in high def. I can't remember the other meals I've tried at Kayson but I do know I've never been unhappy with thier food. This is a definant recomendation and I highly suggest visiting this place while in the North Atlanta area.

On a side note, I've downloaded Blender and it works on my new computer. I'm extremly excited about this program and the posiblilities that might surface from a designers point of view. It's the best alternative to a $3,500 over priced 3-D program.

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