Friday, September 25, 2009

Completely new to blogging so forgive the lack of professionalism...

A Marine that I served with is starting his campaign run for a congress seat from Virgina. I wish him the best. We worked together in Hawaii for the Marine's Support Battalion. We were on "the floor" together from 98 till 2001 when I left Company I to join the Radio Battalion at K-bay. I called David "Peterson" back then but now it's David. I last saw him up in Washington DC in 2004 during St. Patricks day. His wife and him joined me and Salmon for some drinks and the usual shinanigans. Nobody got hurt which was good. However, a trip to see Salmon is not complete with out drunken foolsihness. We ended up getting kicked out of a concert because we were actually cooler than everyone in the bar.

The Strokes and Jet if you were wondering.

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