Friday, October 9, 2009

Flash Links

If there are any Flash designers out there actually reading this nonsense, I wanted to post some links to useful information. And by “designers” I’m referring to Web designers and programmers that use ActionScript or Flash.
He comes first because he wrote the book on ActionScript. He didn’t create it but his manuals and extensive knowledge of the topic is unmatched.
This is a new find and I’m very happy with it so far. Full tutorials and a very nice smooth page design. More geared towards Flash as a whole but goes into depths like PHP & Flash, XML & Flash, etc.
This site used to be good. Now it is over run with about 60% advertising. It works as a forum based tutorial system. Users post their .fla files for downloading and have a sample .swf on their page. However, finding a good tutorial is rare. It bares posting simply because it helped me out a few times and maybe that might help you.
I can not sing this site’s praise enough. It is the ultimate in video tutorials for Flash. But there are other tutorials as well if you need help with Photoshop, Java, Video, etc.
This is Adobe’s posting of Macromedia’s ActionScript Dictionary. Kind of funny they didn’t take down the name. If you have any experience trying to navigate the maze that is you’ll know why this site is lacking.
Good site but you have to dig to find the free tutorials.
Last but not least it’s the w3! It’s helpful to an extent. A lot of other good information though, especially if you need help with CSS, HTML or any of the other things they have on there.

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