Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Would You Like to Schedule Your Next Torture?

It’s kinda strange that I post my disapproval on Sunday and then read an article like this on Tuesday:


Looks like Matthew read my post. Didn’t think anyone was actually reading this.

I went to the Dentists’ office on Monday. Boooooo! I have nothing against Dentists them selves or the people that work with them. I think they’re all stand up people. In fact I make it a point to be extra nice to these people. Why? Well because they must get a lot of flack through out the day. Also, if I’m really nice, maybe the person thrusting an ice pick into my face might be a little gentle.

No such luck.

I really honestly think this guy was pissed about some mortgage check or something and decided he wanted to carve his initials into my mouth.

Just sayin.

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