Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Blogs for You!

So today I woke up super early and started working on a brochure. Too bad I put the wrong text in the layout. But the graphics look sharp and I'm happy with it. I would like to put it up but my Website is having issues. I can't log onto the server via FTP and I'm concerned. Grumble!

After messing around with that it was off to the crafts festival. I didn't want to do any girlie shopping, I was just there to show off Ryan in his jeans and brown shoes. We managed to fail at getting his shot with some pumpkins and hay at the craft festival so we drove 2 hours to Amicalola and tried again. Success!

After that I was tired and tired leads to grumpy. So we headed home and Robin was a good wife and bought me a RaceTrac slushy. Their orange cream really tastes like an orange cream popsickle. It's wonderful!!

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