Monday, October 12, 2009

Weed Shart

Nonsense! You could call this a review. But it’s so heinous that it has mutated into nonsense and I’m pretty put out by the whole situation. At the beginning of the summer this year I put down a product which I think is called Weed Guard. I’m not exactly sure but I did buy it at Home Depot.

I removed all the old mulch with a shovel and bought new mulch. After removing the old mulch I layered the Weed Guard perfectly to cover everything in the garden. Everything. I didn’t miss a speck. I nailed all of the layers down with green plastic pegs. Most of those broke. When I was finished and laid down the new mulch I was happy.

The happiness left after a month when grass was growing up from underneath the damn stuff. Weeds were also joining in the fun. Next summer I will have to pull up all of that $#!@ and find another solution. Maybe pine needles will work. A lot of folks here in Georgia are using it and it seems to work. So if it is a review, Weed Guard gets a big zero out of ten. I hope their business fails like my money and time failed.

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