Thursday, October 1, 2009

All Work and No Play

I didn't have anything on the mind today so I figure I'll talk shop!

My company went public yesterday. Wooo hoo! It's now trading on the market. In preparation for all this I've been slaving away at the site like a crazy man bent on the edge of collapse. Well, it's finished and you can click that link and you can view the site. It's almost identical to the site that was up before. However, it is mostly HTML, CSS and a little bit of Flash.

There was a need for new content on the site, but before we could realize that, I had to come up with 3 new concepts for the site as a whole. I made fully functional navigation systems along with all the pages that would have gone into the site 3 times. It was a lot of work.

I'm a little frustrated that it looks like the old site. Considering I liked the second concept and that my voice didn't bring a lot of clout, I am a little down about the site as a whole. I can say that I was able to salvage the designs that were intended for the company and I can do something with them on the side.

Never throw out a good idea. Just hide it somewhere I guess. I'm researching how to create an RSS feed for the company. They might thank me later, or maybe not.

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