Friday, January 15, 2010

[Insert Title Here]

For the most part this blog can be mean and unforgiving. One might even go as far as saying "harsh." But in my twisted world, it is fair. I try to be fair. You see, if I notice someone picking thier nose in their car, I'm not going to say word one about it. The reasoning is that by picking one's nose, one does no harm to others. It may look gross and disgusting but if you should decide to pick your nose, so be it. Now. If you wear something completely knarly and you want to draw attention to yourself, I will be happy to write about you. Be warned. But not everything I write is a slam on someone or something and it is also hard to know what is going to come out before I push it out. EENNNRRGHHH!

I hope that seams reasonable. No? OK.

My Facebook is down. I disabled/destroyed/neglected it. I'm not sure what happened but I ended up with two accounts. There were two of me!!! Could you imagine? I think it would be horrible because my ego is too damn huge. It would be too much sexy. I know you agree.

Blog back!

So here's the concept: I would like to have a more 'interactive' blog. Here is your writing assignment. Comment below ~

What would you do with your identicle clone? Play a game, go to the circus, visit the liquor store or would you two sit on the couch? Have fun and make some nonsense!


  1. Simple; he would go to work so I could sit on my butt all day. However, I would still take all the credit and lock him in the basement at night.

    Also, I would teach him how to spell "identical."


  2. : [
    I do believe my spell check is broke.

  3. On a different note - you owe me a dollar. Want to be on this weeks games?

  4. One of us would go to Woodstock and the other one would go to Leesburg, so we could spend hours and hours with our boys at the same time! :0)

  5. Nonni, do I owe you a dollar or does my clone owe you a dollar? Just kidding, I'll put it in the mail. And seeing as how lousy I did this season I think I should cut myself off now.

    Lynn you would both be very very tired. But we'd love to have you. (Me and Graham that is)