Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Whilst on my adventure to the territory known as "Florida" my brother in law concocted a simply wonderful idea. James Cameron's Avatar in 3D Imax!!! Whilst surviving the whirlwind of presents and yelling and Ryan peeing on different individuals there was a glorious window of peace.

My brother [in-law] James and his friend met me in Altamonte Springs for the movie of the year. It is hands down the top sci-fi movie of 2009. I would say more but a lot of people would argue about film and acting and drama and blah and blah and you get the point.

So, having said all that, I can go back and explain how happy I was to go to Florida and visit with my relatives and friends. I didn't get to spend enough time with Gloria and Bryant. Gloria is my best friend and Bryant looked really great in the 80's (i saw the modeling pictures!) I took some time to relax in Tampa with Robin's Dad and got into some shenanigans with a pizza manager at Robin's moms' house. I did have a good time but the drive down took a serious toll.


So don't read this unless you are dangerous like a panther prowling through the jungle out of it's mind on a heroine binge. No seriously, go see the movie instead of listening to me pick it apart. There was applause in the theater at the end of the movie if that says anything.

The 3D was done well. It wasn't in your face gimmicks, but rather it flowed with what was happening in the movie and seemed more realistic. The opening scene of soldiers and volunteers or mercenaries set the tone for the whole movie. The perspective was that of a floating view in zero gravity of people waking from hyper-sleep (hyperspace?) The main character was to take his brother's position as a sort of diplomat for an alien race. Being a Marine, he didn't know the alien language or traditions and so was ordered to supply security. Sigorney Weaver plays a supporting role and I was hoping to see her sweaty with a flame thrower for old times sake.

The whole idea is that the Marine controls an alien bio-clone through telepathy-like computer signal. He becomes more and more entranced with the alien surroundings as well as the culture of the aliens themselves. After being hazed and befriended he gains their trust and finds out that the Marine command is gunning for action regardless of diplomacy. After falling in love with an alien, he decides to fend for the aliens instead of the greedy settlers. The good guys win in the end. Er, good aliens.

The aliens were all CGI. But there was a lot of talk about how Cameron waited for the technology to catch up to the movie. His wait was worth it. It was beautiful and bright as well as technically different than any other CG movie I've seen. This movie will set a milestone for other directors to try and top. I think the contrast between the corporation settlement and the alien tribesmen was also well illustrated. New and dangerous creatures and wildlife added the finishing touches to a film that can not be ignored. Bravo!

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