Friday, January 22, 2010

Theres a Little Black Dot on my Blog Todaaaayyyyyyy!

King of pain! I'll always be k . . . [look of astonishment] !! HEY, I'm still using the bathroom!

Isn't it great when someone catches you singing. You think to yourself, "ok, it's alright that I'm alone and no one will be tortured if I wail on this Wham! tune out loud." But oh no, you're never alone. Sometimes I like to roll down my windows and just sing my lungs out whilst in traffic. Rock music does that to some people.

I'm sorry, I'm totally off track again.

I owe and apology to Jennifer who posted a response last year and I did not get to it until tonight. Normally I would ask for forgiveness [even beg or bribe with chocolate] but tonight I'm going to make up an excuse. Back in November I was racing home to answer the blog post. I had just finished a long day working at the DMV handing out license plates and polishing shoes. I had to stop at S-mart [lol, Army of Darkness reference] and pick up some grapes to feed my kangaroo at home when a mindless 96 year old woman came out of no where and ran over my foot with her wheel chair. I think she had NOS installed in that chair.

So I wasn't able to respond correctly. It's there now so no harm done.

Ok, I went through my older posts and tried to find the one about people who do not knock on bathroom doors. I believe I went on babbling, in true form, about how I think people should knock on the restroom stall door. I've complained to a lot of people about this and everyone's response is along the lines of "I just look under the wall partition thing." Well it happened again today. I locked the stall, which actually did have a handle this time, not a stupid latch. No knock. Just a jiggle.

I'm sorry, you read all the way to the end of this post and all you got was a jiggle. It sucks. I know. There, there.  : ]

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  1. Quit making EXCUSES and just give me some CHOCOLATE!!!

  2. LOL! Yes ma'm.

    Oh, I went over the homework but I couldn't remember what you said. Could you repeat it 5 more times please?

    I will award you chocolate at a certain Mexican Restaurant in the future. : ]