Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To Listen or Not to Listen

I've all but given up on my radio. There's just too many commercials. It's gotten to the point where I count the minutes through the commercial and make a pie chart in my head about percentages of actual music/talk time. I love pie charts because I love pie. Apple pie is the best hands down.

I usually burn stuff to CDs or listen to my MP3 player now but I have to keep up on new music. I bring up this point because it's important to know if you're listening to crap or not. And by crap, I am referring to Owl City. Wow, if you haven't heard this piece of emo junk then you're in for a treat. Put on your favorite unicorn tee shirt and spend an hour fixing your hair before putting on those extra tight jeans guys!

Make sure you listen to this song in the closet.

I heard this on a radio station in Atlanta that claims it is alternative. THIS SONG DOES NOT FALL UNDER THE LABEL "ALTERNATIVE" This is a new type of brain washing, aimed at subliminally turning me into a homo. Be careful if you hear this song because rabbits are attracted to it and may try to hump your leg.

You won't hear this crap on 96 the Project. Thank you Project for staying hetro and helping me with my homophobia.

Beware the purple ponies!!


  1. Of course I watched V last night. I was impressed with the CG effects, especially having just watchec V the Series on the SYFY channel all last week. Didn't realize at the time how poor some of the scenes were. The acting was much better last night as well, except for Michael Ironside (that's a joke). I will watch again next week to see where it is going. I know how it ends but I want to see how they get there.

  2. I totally agree with you: the CG was done correctly. They didn't go too far with it and it was hard to tell it was CG, so my hat's off to them. In the 80's (I was only 6 then) it totally blew me away. I had no idea that there were lizard people walking around in human bodies! It's quite funny when I think of how naive I was but I guess everyone is when they're young.

    I think the whole 1st hour was worth the wait. I can't wait to see the rest.