Thursday, November 5, 2009


Alright. It's here. Everyone calm down.

Windows dropped 7 in our laps a few weeks ago. A lot of people [nerds, like myself] that I talk to lately have told me they were already running Windows 7 beta on their computer. Thanks for trying to one-up me. Turns out I have a wife and I look good, so in the end, I win.

But I got mine in the mail. It didn't come in a fancy box (much like the MS office box) and it didn't make any cool noises when I took it out of the manila envelope from the mail box. So I put it on my new computer. Yippie! It fixed the sorting problem that I gripped about in my other post. And now I have my calculator back. Weird, but I'll look on the bright side. Ignorance is bliss.

Features include the "Shake-your-window" which makes all the other window [of the same kind] disappear! Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh. I'm not sure what purpose this serves. There was a way to collapse other windows before this feature. Am I being too pessimistic? This feature is part of the Aero space age looking design. The translucent windows and task bar is also "Aero."

Ok, and now for the real juice!! ~ Introducing "Windows Media Center!" TA - DA.

Not so fast. It was in Vista. It still has problems. The DVR-live TV-Cable whatever thingy doesn't work. Well it might but I haven't figured it out. It's been like 2 days now and I've had no success with the TV tuner I bought and I even split the Cable cord (y-split box). It was running better when the tuner was plugged into the antenna!

I'm bummed out about that. I was really looking forward to it and Microshiv stabbed me in the ass again. NO! I'm not going to jump on the Mac-hump-fest and worship Steve Jobs. No chance in that.

Windows 7 shouldn't be thrown away and shart on right now. It is what we've come to expect from Windows. That's all. There aren't any fireworks like they said there would be and I'm not sold on it. But I'm not overly pissed just cause the TV tuner doesn't work.

Just grumpy.

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