Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Orange Man Cometh!

You either love him or you don’t. A lot of people say they can’t stand him. Well, fortunately I’m here to correct those people. Anyone who doesn’t get his comedy can be forgiven. But only once.

Behold! The day comes when a man who from you will stand apart and above for his height is crazy. And you shall know him as Coco. His dance will lure you in and his hair will bring peace to the TV. Whoa are those whom watch the Networks for they know not the way of TBS.

Very Funny.

I might have over done it with the whole prophecy bit. November 8th is the day. Can’t wait. I had to go to his site and watch episode zero. I his commercials are epic

Did you vote yesterday? Yeah? Cool. So did I. I’m not sure what the results are but I’m pretty sure everyone will find something to complain about. I’ve already noticed a trend on Facebook. There’s always good content on the comedy channels during this season because people who run our government get a chance to go out there and say stupid things. Outlawing masturbation. You can’t make that stuff up. It’s pure content.

Crap, I won’t get into it. I’d be here forever going on about how I should have won yesterday.

So how was your election ceremony experience? Please leave a response with a lovely tail of how you met some strangers and they looked at your drivers’ license and then you decided the fate of our world.
See you tomorrow!

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