Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where's the Shovel?!

So it's snowing. A lot. I recently watched an episode of Stephen Colbert's factual and compelling TV show. It's only a half hour long, but I always beg for more at the end of each viewing. "Please Stephen, please. Just one little encore. I must have more truth." In the show there was a segment about cold it is outside. Of course the satire kicked in immediately. I don't remember verbatim what he said but it was along the lines of how all the snow in Washington DC goes to disprove all this global warming. It went on and on and I'm thinking, "Wow. It's sad that the facts have to be wrapped up in a joke to make it's way onto TV." Sorry, no punchline to this story. Just reflecting out loud.
Here is a sample of the snow in Atlanta. I went out in the snow today to brave the outdoor wilderness. Yesterday I did the same. I was taking pictures and some guy chased me off his property. Apparently he doesn't want me taking pictures of his bathroom window. Whatever. I have a constitutional right to walk into his kitchen if I want to. Don't believe me?
Enough about my life as a paparazzi photographer. Comment on this blog and let me know how much white stuff you got this week. [I'm not talking about coke, you need to check into a clinic] It will be interesting to see how much snow everyone is getting. Thanks for reading!

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