Monday, February 1, 2010

Jane Says:

Lollapalooza. It was the summer before I started high school. I was young and dumb and wanted to go to a concert. It was my first concert ever and it was being held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. It was so big that it had to be held out doors and there were more bands than I could shake a stick at. The atmosphere was like a horde of gypsies and punkers with clothes that I hadn't seen before. Hair defied gravity.

Alison Johnson and I spent a lot of time walking around checking things out. There were tents set up with circus acts and the usual venders selling cheep crap for unbelievable prices. New tee shirts were quickly muddied up by the mosh pit. After hours of entertainment and a list of bands that weren't norm for mainstream radio the day drew to a close and the sunset. When the others had finished, all the lights that were on went off. People started cheering and I was livid. I couldn't take my eyes from where the stage was once visible.

Then I heard the base line for Mountain Song. "COMING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN"

The flood lights went up. Jane’s Addiction started wailing. I didn't hear any of the music they played. I felt it. It's something that I vividly remember to this day. I've been to many concerts but this was the one that couldn't be topped. In 2003 I was able to see them again. This time I would bring my other friend, Will Bess and his girlfriend. But he fell through and wasn't able to come up with the money or some other excuse. I don't talk to Will any more. I think drugs have taken most of his life away from him and it is very sad. I went down to West Palm Beach alone and had a really good time. It was different this time and there was more stuff being sold and Audioslave was the highlight for me. Jane's Addiction came on last and had the usual electric neon light wild-circus-gone-bad aura going on. It was really fun but it wasn't like the Lollapalooza from 91.

I am pleased to announce that Perry Farrel is writing more music and the next step is another album. This made my day.

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