Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 2011 LTNB Awards

No reason for this image. Just funny.
I'm somewhat pleased and indifferent to announce the LTNB nominations for 2010. Last year I didn't post about it and left it in the upper right hand corner where it was ignored like a salad at McDonalds. It turns out that in 2010 there weren't as many bad things as 2009. I'm really happy about that. Actually there are only a few options for 2010 which is a turn for the good in my opinion.

1. Sarah Palin's Alaska.
Ok, I actually didn't watch this so I'm totally unqualified to make any judgement. However, qualification has never stopped me in this blog. The show was humorously horrible. From the 2 minute clip I saw of her on a damn boat fishing next to bears, I kept praying that she'd get attacked. I don't want anything bad to happen to her but I think it'd be more entertaining to see a bear win for once. 

No offense to any Chicago teams.

2. Any tablet sold that wasn't an iPad. 
What I'm getting at here is all the tablets that tried to make it. It seems that Apple will stay on top regardless of Steve Job's health issues. I wish Steve the best, sincerely. Apple's iPhone dominates the phone market. The App store is a whole new market. The iPad is just beautiful and I don't know what they'll come out with next. It's sad to see competitors suck at trying to keep up with them. 

3. The Oil Spill
I stayed off this subject in the posts and I didn't want to get too involved because it was all I heard about for months and thought you had heard enough also. Doesn't really need any more explaining.

4. Secrecy
Wow. I didn't think this could happen. All it took was a few soldiers though. No, not just the one that is in jail. If you know how it works, you know that there is a guard that checks for electronics and other items when entering/exiting secret compartment facilities. So the blame doesn't just fall on one persons shoulders. You have to blame Julian Esange too but he's not American and he doesn't see things the way we do.

So there you have it. Which one is the worst? I'll give my vote/opinon on April Fool's Day along with a video if I'm not too lazy. Last year the award went to Healthcare reform. Who will win this year? Who knows? It's up to you so vote and vote hard.

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