Friday, March 12, 2010

Attention All Nerds!

Ok, once upon a time there was a movie. This movie was made with state of the art (for it's time) computer generated graphics. It was a really cool movie with horrible character development. It was the very first of it's kind and it was about a video game and maybe a little bit more.

Turn the clock ahead 20 years and well, it's time to recycle an old idea. Maybe even develop a character or two.

You may know Jeff Bridges from Iron Man as the bad guy. You might have even seen him in Big Lebowski. He's the son of a man who said "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking" in one of the funniest movies ever filmed and dare I say; ever watched! Airplane was a great movie. Even the sequel held up. It's too damn hilarious.

I'm officially off topic now.

Back to Tron. That's what I'm trying to get at. Jeff Bridges was a geeky skinny kid back then and now he's in the squeal and Tron - Legacy looks pretty sweet. It's something to do with futuristic motorcycles that makes every nerd happy. There are two trailers out now but I don't have the links. I was too busy making my own graphic so that I don't get sued by Disney.


  1. This just in!
    Liam Nealson, taking a break from punching guys in the throat, will be staring with others in ..... drum roll .....
    *que awesome intro music*

  2. Did you see Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart"?

  3. It's actually funny that you asked that!


    I'm allergic to all things folk/country/ music. I saw he got a lot of praise for the acting. Good stuff. Another movie I don't want to watch is The Wrestler. Same reason: there might be something totally awesome about the acting/plot but I just can't stand wrestling.